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Meeting for 1/28

Official visit of District Governor & Charter Night!

Our next meeting will also be a spouse night. If you are planning on bringing your spouse please contact Lion Tamer Rick Haug and let him know so he can cook up the proper number of meals. After a long day in the kitchen we don’t want to surprise him with more visitors than what he is expecting!


As is with tradition, District Governor Merle Goldman and his wife Nancy will be making the official visit on our 69th Charter night. Emcee PCC Bob Booher has a fun night planned as the history of the club will be remembered and the future of Lions will be discussed by the District Governor.


Lions Meeting 1/14

 At our last meeting it was truly heartwarming to see the results of the combined works of a cochlear implant and the auditory teaching practices being used by St Joseph’s Institute for the Deaf.

Our guest speaker was Teri Ouellette, Director of St. Joseph’s Institute for the Deaf in Indianapolis. With the help of a

video program she explained how St. Josephs is unlike the traditional deaf

school in that they do not teach sign language but are able to teach children the basics of being able to interpret and process sounds and then help them in their ability in pronunciation. Teri also recounted some success stories of the school such as the one student that went on to Yale and is studying archeology.


Also speaking before the club was Linda Coyne and her son Christopher. They are Speedway residents and Christopher is a student at St Josephs. Linda recounted when she learned that her son was born without hearing and how she came to learn about St Josephs and their program. Christopher has benefited from the school and is able to hear and speak with efficiency. Teri commented that many people have commented that they  could not tell that there were any

lingering effects of the loss of hearing

with students who were in their school.


Also speaking before the club was Bob Monday, representing the Speedway High School Post-Prom committee. Accompanying him were the current president of the student committee and last year’s president of the committee. They all thanked the Lions for their donation to the post-prom party last year and said that it was attended by 90% of those eligible.


Thank YOUs

Gleaners Food Bank thanks the Lions for their donation of $1,500 to their fund raising efforts and the 115 pounds of food that was donated by Lion members at our last meeting. The non-perishable food immediately went to good use and the money donated will help purchase additional food items at a bulk purchase price.


Breakfast with Santa

Lion Marshall Lewis thanked all those who helped make the breakfast a “Roaring” success. It was wall-to-wall children with wall-to-wall presents as they converged on the Wayne Township Emergency Center on December 20th. Lion Marshall reported that over 4,000 people were in attendance with over 2,500 children being served. He also said that over 30 zip codes were represented and that 384 families from the Speedway area took part.


Winter Cabinet Meeting

This year’s Winter Cabinet meeting is scheduled for January 31st, to be held in Connersville. Please mark this on your calendar if you plan to attend. Registration forms are available on the District website.


Pancake Day info

Pancake Day will be March 14, 2009 to be held at the Speedway High School. Workers will be needed from 6am until 2 pm with food being served from 7am until 1 pm. This year the guests will have the option of pancakes, eggs, sausage and the usual choice of drink.


Cost will be $5 at the door with children under 7 free. There will not be a distribution of tickets this year for the members to sell, however members are encouraged to invite friends, neighbors and relatives to come to the breakfast.

A list of working assignments will be posted at the next meeting.


Several local organizations have been invited to set up a table to promote their cause and some of the Lion’s projects will be represented as well.



Update of Vision Screening

The District 25 F Vision Screening program has provided over 20,000 screenings this school year so far and of that amount, 33% were referred for further evaluation. As of December 1, 2008 the program has completed 70,717 screenings of adults and children.

These numbers also include screenings in other Districts. This is another program that your Club supports with its hard work!


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